other factoids
  • full name: brixton veikko sandhals
  • d.o.b.: 23/08/94
  • p.o.b.: vancouver, bc
  • working languages: english, japanese, korean
  • intermediate: norwegian, french
  • beginniner: hungarian, mandarin

I'm a writer, recreational bodybuilder, hobby linguist, and webmaster living in Seoul. My background is in English Literature, philosophy, and mathematics, but nowadays my academic interests mostly revolve around linguistics, the body, and aesthetic philosophy. I grew up in a river valley in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada, and later spent five years in Japan living in a lakeside port-town before finally coming to Korea where I spend my free time lifting weights, listening to podcasts, writing, reading, studying languages, and browsing/building little sites like this one.

some interests, alphabetized

  • a: aesthetics, apotheosis, archetypes, architecture, art, astrology, automythography

  • b: baduk, Gaston Bachelard, Ingmar Bergman, Mei-mei Bersenbrugge, bodybuilding, Jorge Luis Borges

  • c: Canadian literature, Anne Carson, Catholicism, chest day, Chinese, classical saxophone, complex analysis, conlanging, contemporary classical music

  • d: Death-of-God theology, Gilles Deleuze, diachrony, dialects, digital ethnography, the documentary hypothesis

  • e: ecstatic experience, etymology, Evangelion, evolutionary psychology

  • f: figure skating, 5x5, forgiveness, Sigmund Freud, fungi, futhark

  • g: genealogy, generalism, grace, graphic design, gymnastics

  • h: hermeneutics, hexagons, historical linguistics, Hon'yarado, html, hypertrophy

  • i: illustration, imaginary numbers, Imagism, the indie web, the internet, interdisciplinarity, isms

  • j: Japanese, the Japonic-Koreanic theory, jazz, Judaism, Carl Jung

  • k: Kabbalah, Kansai-ben, Søren Kierkegaard, Korean, the Kyoto School

  • l: language acquisition, Emmanuel Levinas, liberty, linguistics, literature

  • m: the mind-muscle connection, Mishima Yukio, the Misty Poets, the Moomins

  • n: Friedrich Nietzsche, Norse mythology, Northwest Coast art, Norwegian

  • o: obsession, Odin, Old Norse, ontology, the origins of language, otters, open source

  • p: philosophy, phonology, poetry, Polish, polyglottery, pre-Torahic religion, prime numbers, Proto-Indo-European, proto-languages, psychology of religion

  • s: Saami, Scandinavia, set theory, Sm'algyax, somaesthetics, symbology

  • t: Taoism, technocracy, teetotalism, temperate rainforests, tetris, theopoetics, Torah, traditional animation, translation

  • w: watermelon, web design, weight training, Wikipedia, Wong Kar-Wai, Virginia Woolf

Things I like: concrete interiors, black shirts, black licorice, watermelon, women's skating, Bauhaus furniture, americanos, americanos with cannelés, listening to interviews on walks, cardamom, Capricorns, hand-drawn animation, river otters, reading grammar references, brown cheese, feeling a pump in the chest, classical saxophone, sparkling water, stories from childhood.

Things I dislike: slow walkers, the taste and smell of cheese, remakes, the sound made by waxy produce jostling in a plastic bag, mulch, berry teas, political poetry, chocolate ice cream, needing to close tabs, eating around the bone, shopping for shoes, superhero movies, reading outside, American-style pancakes, haphazard romanization, Dr. Pepper, bowling.

Things I like: sour mandarins, a mossy underbrush, detailed etymology entries, a fallen cedar's red heartwood, hot baths, Norwegian jazz music, biographical documentaries, a deskspace full with knick-knacks, wearing yukata, narrow streets, leather perfumes, Virginia Woolf, words ending in vowels, mechanical pencils, the shadow cast by transluscent objects, rose flavoured sweets.

Things I dislike: most jazz vocals, matcha dessert, tardiness, standing in the cold, liquor, New Historicism, the look of a flat palm, tinsel, watching hockey, smoke on my clothes, glossy paper, the feeling of dirt under your nails, whipped potatoes, CG animation, frosting, algorithmic curation, crying without catharsis, sweet pickles, history museums.

Things I like: video calls, the tart peel of a kiwi, farmer's markets, polyphonic folk music, the golden era bodybuilding, art bookstores, the personal websites of professors, art bookstores, donuts, POPEYE magazine, strawberry creamcheese, swimming in the rain, browsing someone's bookshelf, sleeping in cramped spaces, the colour brown, K-pop night clubs, softserve.

This site could be a network of fungi peaking its face out a forest floor, or my footprint pressed against it. Maybe it is a notebook to keep open on my desk, a mnemonic device, or a memory palace. Maybe the site is a self-articulation, mid-sentence. Or a garden in the shape of a body.

The site moves, reacts, interacts. It shifts and withers, grows; it changes colour with the seasons. It is a flickering, pale, green dot in an immense, murky web which somehow you've stumbled upon. Isn't it exciting to think that out of billions of pages on the internet, we could have both wound up here together, sharing this space?

I wrote this webpage by hand in HTML and CSS. I started it in its first iteration after a friend and I taught ourselves basic code in the spring of 2020 after Japan first went into lockdown and we suddenly were afforded a lot more free time. I knew right away I wanted to fashion the site around a flat grid, and to fill it with little windows into other rooms that you could explore by hovering over some of the links. This was in part inspired by the way I used to fill select blocks of my graph paper in math lectures with doodles. If you hover over something and become curious about the contents of any of these little windows in particular, I keep a directory with a few explanations on each page in the Source which you can view using  Ctrl+U or  ⌘+⌥+U .

I sort of consider this website my return to the Internet I grew up with. It seems the web today is driven more by algorithms than by hyperlinks, but I much prefered the Internet as it was when I first started using it. The web of today is a lot bigger, and the notion of the web as "surfable" has maybe fallen out of fashion, but building a home online by hand through a personal website like this feels like an honest way to try to make a return to that surfable web, that web of hyperlinks, an internet of people.

Coding is the sort of thing that, if you don't know much about it, looks very impressive sitting on one's screen, often over dark interfaces with colourful monospaced text. But it's really a lot simpler than it looks, and I love to sit down with people, even for just ten minutes, and try to demystify HTML and CSS a bit for them whenever I have the chance. Usually, this ends up looking like a sort of abridged, live-action version of this brilliant (and fun) zine I found on another personal website, so if you are reading this and are curious about starting out yourself, I highly recommend giving it a read! I really encourage you to join me and my friends here on the indie web and to carve out a space for yourself.

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  • colour motif: N/A
  • next season: N/A

📍 Currently living in Seoul.

💬 I have very few reviews each day for my Korean vocabulary deck on Anki, so I have now pivoted to sentence mining!

🌹 Accord Oud by Byredo.

🏋🏻‍♂️ My workout schedule these days is sort of all over the place. I am making it to the gym maybe five or six days a week still, but on a very flexible split.

📚 "Suppose a Sentence." Dillon, Brian.

& "쓰고 싶다다, 쓰고 싶지 않다." 전고운 et al.

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