i. This is the first house, the house of identity, self, and appearances. It reveals the part of the sky that was emerging beyond the horizon at the moment of one's birth, and in the case of mine, that sign is Libra. Inside this sign, Venus, the morning star, sits exactly upon the horizon. As it so happens, Libra's ruling planet being Venus, this is one of the more auspicious parts of my chart. Libra and Venus are both very preoccupied with beauty and aesthetics, and being in the first house, the house of appearances, they point strongly to my general feeling that, be something useful or useless, for pleasure or for learning, be something decorum or tool, the bottom line is that it must be beautiful.

ii. My second house, the house of possessions and value, is ruled by Scorpio, and in it we find two planets, Jupiter and Pluto.
iii. The third house, the house of sharing and communication, is for me an empty house, ruled by Sagittarius. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, and therefore, Jupiter is the caretaker of this part of my life, the supplier, the manager and delegator of its resources. Jupiter being a planet of abundance and growth, I interpret Jupiter as being generous with giving me thoughts and ideas which I may want to communicate, and with Jupiter being in Scorpio in my chart, I see him as perhaps throwing me materials more within the realm of the esoteric and spiritual. I also see this as pointing toward a tendency in conversation to move toward hidden topics, and perhaps looking for opportunities or people with whom I can divulge some of my own secrets or spiritual ideas with.

iv. The fourth house is the house of the private life, security, and the home, positioned in Capricorn. Here I have placements of Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusion, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion, eccentricity, and sudden change. I see these all pointing toward my somewhat hectic childhood, and its many sudden shifts of authority figures and circumstance, and an overall theme of chaos in the home. As I have grown older and moved away from the home, these energies still express themselves perhaps in my tendencies both to romanticize or create idols or symbols of certain moments in my past, but also my tendency to be removed from the family and home. These planets being ruled by Capricorn points at once to my diligence and busyness as a child, involved in many activities, always working and occupied, but also to my psychological relationship to my past as I've matured, one which approaches it systematically, almost as something to decode as systematically as possible. I cherish my home, it occupies my creative mind constantly (note that Uranus, the ruler of the House of Creative Energy, the Fifth House, is here in my fourth house), and despite its turbulence, it is something I contemplate fondly and with deep intrigue (Neptune). And yet as my mind leans into it abstractly, in all realms of practical action, I find myself often leaning away from it, often too far away(Uranus). Even with my family and family life constantly on the mind, I can fall into long bouts of silence, and seem to crave great distance from it physically.

v. The house of pleasure, children, sex, and creative self expression is in Aquarius. This house is also empty, so I look to Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus, to see who and what is delegating the content and thought behind my creative pursuits. Uranus is a rebel, craving novelty, surprise, and shock. Here I see the breadth of my creative interest manifested, my love of unexpected form, and unlikely metaphor. Uranus also being positioned in the fourth house also maybe points to my fascination with biography, be that my own or other's. When I discover a piece of art I like, my first instinct is often to dig into the artist's past, and likewise my mind often goes there myself when I am creating. Perhaps this is the work of Uranus, my daemon in the distance.

vi. The house of illness, work, duty, and subordinates in Pisces. Here I have both the Saturn and the Moon. Saturn is a planet of restriction. He reveals areas of responsibility, caution, and a need for control. The moon on the other hand reveals what I often think of as our hidden self, our animal self, our instinctive self. Looking at these two planets, what jumps out at me at first is perhaps a description of the way in which I default into routine as a place of comfort. My moon seeks emotional comfort by directing attention to the house of labour and work, and Saturn is there to focus my energy at these tasks. In this way, I think my being very much a creature of habit, as well as someone who escapes into exercise often being revealed. My moon is comfortable here, but as the moon is very affected by emotion, and the fastest moving planet, I think this positioning also reveals a certain tension between my habitual, seeking-comfort-in-routine self and my diligent, working self. While I find comfort in repetition and habit, my tasks and habits of chocie are still altogether varied and perhaps chaotic in this sense. I think seeing my Saturn in opposition to my Sun often means that when I am listening to myself, questioning my identity and my place in the world, my rigid, more industrial Saturn takes a backseat, and my Moon takes the wheel. The whole ordeal is coloured by the sign of Pisces, a sign known for its emotional depth. I think all of this points to a clear tendency to follow my heart in matters of work, but analyzing this placement has made me think that my Sun would do well to take lessons from Saturn once in a while as well.

vii. The house of relationships, you and the other, marriage, partnership.
viii. The house of death, inheritance, the assets of others.
ix. The house of travel, foreign places/people, education, and religion.
x. The house of career, and public reputation.
xi. The house of friends, groups, alliances, and hope.
xii. House of loss, seclusion, and self-undoing. I've read in a few places that the sun in the twelfth house can be correlated with the death of one's father at a young age. In my case, my father passed when I was nine years old, and my younger brother shares the same placement of the sun in his twelfth house.


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